In his new book titled ‘Don’t Buy Beer with Bitcoin’, Hopeton Smalling expresses his concerns over the growing risk of Cryptocurrency and smart contract scams while warning investors not to repeat history and spend Bitcoin unnecessarily

January 26, 2022 – Crypto Evangelist Hopeton (“The Black Picasso”) is thrilled to announce the launch of his new book, ‘Don’t Buy Beer with Bitcoin’. The book challenges Americans with a warning about Bitcoin and the new collaborative economy defined by the evolving Fourth Industrial revolution. This thought-provoking book will help readers avoid scams and invest in digital assets and cryptocurrencies the right way.

The cryptocurrency craze is sweeping the United States and other parts of the world. People of all ages, young and old alike, are jumping on board. Everyone wants to buy, trade, and hold Bitcoin. There is no denying that Bitcoin has changed investing and trading forever. However, only ~5% of the world is currently holding cryptocurrency. Even fewer are aware of key strategies to safely buy, trade, or mine Bitcoin. ‘Don’t Buy Beer with Bitcoin’ was written to help crypto traders, investors, and enthusiasts manage the risks associated with cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most successful decentralized currency to ever exist on the planet. This safe-haven, digital currency is a reliable, store of value, a true apex asset. “Bitcoin should be held like a priceless Picasso by all who love freedom, liberty, and deflationary assets. Bitcoin is fully decentralized and cannot be shut down or hacked because it is built on immutable blockchain technology,” explained Hopeton Smalling.

Surviving the global COVID-19 pandemic with 391% growth in 2020, Bitcoin has earned its position as a reliable replacement for similar assets such as Gold (AU). Conversely, Warren Buffet, an American Billionaire, describes “Bitcoin as rat poison squared.” This threat or trap is magnified when investors do not understand how to manage risks and confuse any of the following: DEFI, ETH, Altcoins, NFTs, Cold/Hot Wallets, Gas, Satoshi, BIP, Private/Public Keys, META, Hash, Proof-of-work, SHA, UTXO, and WIF.

‘Don’t Buy Beer with Bitcoin’ reveals facts about Bitcoin that profiteers worldwide do not want crypto investors to know. According to the author, these profiteers would like investors to transfer their valuable assets to their portfolios and encourage them to consume their future wealth today, even to buy pizza or a glass of beer. However, those who will be affected by this massive transfer of wealth will be those who lack discipline and knowledge about Bitcoin.  

“Don’t be fooled. All cryptocurrencies are not the same. It is quintessential to learn the importance of Bitcoin and how to build your own secure private banking system and protect generational wealth now,” asserted Hopeton Smalling. 

In the book, Hopeton raises concerns about the current lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion in cryptocurrency, widening wealth gaps, and increasing poverty and hopelessness. ‘Don’t Buy Beer with Bitcoin’ is an excellent resource for everybody who wants to build generational wealth and avoid costly mistakes.

The paperback and Kindle versions of the book are now available on Amazon.

About Hopeton Smalling

Hopeton Smalling is a New York-based Bitcoin Evangelist, entrepreneur, tech guru, entertainment executive, and award-winning Educator with over 20 years of experience teaching children and adults. He has expertise in Micro/Macro Economics, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Disruptive Technologies. His journey of “HODLing” began in 2012 where he began mining Bitcoin, which has led him to be respected by his industry peers for his “Diamond Hands.”

Currently, he provides his crypto expertise to A-List clientele, including celebrities, entertainers, private equity, and high net worth individuals as Co-CEO of Signature Deals, LLC. Additionally, he has curated an exclusive music centric NFT brand “The Original Fire NFT” in his role as President of One Crown Entertainment, Inc.  Hopeton has earned an MBA with a specialty in Global Economics, EdS as a Specialist, and PhD abd in Leadership. He is an avid reader, pilot, mentor, philanthropist, and social entrepreneur.

He is focused on building his legacy to break down barriers for everyday people to understand, use, and benefit from cryptocurrency. Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence offer new opportunities to build wealth, eliminate poverty, and engage youths. Smalling’s The Black Picasso NFT collection is available on

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