LONDON, Jan. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — KODA Cryptocurrency, the exciting new dog meme token with utility, has just announced offices in Dubai as they look to disrupt the cryptocurrency world in 2022. KODA, marketed by SummitBC Ltd, already boast offices in London with a hugely successful CEO at the helm alongside a transparent team of over 30 members of staff. SummitBC will also now operate from the impressive Almas Tower in Jumeriah Lakes, Dubai, which highlights their remarkable growth since launch in May 2021.

The rise of SummitBC and Koda Cryptocurrency

SummitBC is led by CEO James Gale, an established business owner, developer and serial entrepreneur. Gale’s vast experience in business management, marketing and systems development put SummitBC in prime position to make a significant impact in the crypto industry.

KODA, a Binance Smart Chain token (BSC), launched in May 2021 and currently has over 10,000 holders. Their core values revolve around the model T.E.E (trust, education, ease-of use) and they recently won the ‘Most Trusted Crypto Company’ award at the Crypto Expo Dubai 2021, which was attended by more than 8,000 cryptocurrency enthusiasts, exhibitors and investors.

Their aim is to make crypto accessible to everyone with a community built to help one another. The KODA community is encouraged to support long term progression of the token and supporting projects. Transacting with KODA cryptocurrencies will generate wealth in the community through automatic liquidity, a unique staking model and reflective static rewards.

The KODA project also recently had a successful audit from Hashex, one of the most significant cryptocurrency auditors in the world, who recently worked with Safemoon.

SummitSwap launch and solution

KODA Cryptocurrency, under the growing SummitBC portfolio, is more than just another meme coin. KODA, the primary ‘gold standard’ token, is the native token on SummitSwap, a new revolutionary cross chain swap platform. Other tokens can be listed on the swap site and will go through a unique whitelisting system called SummitCheck.

SummitCheck, the trust score section of SummitSwap, will give users insights into any token who has applied for whitelisting that are not easily found elsewhere. SummitCheck will also advise other tokens how to improve their score to achieve a pass to be whitelisted.

SummitBC believe there is a huge gap in the market for a niche decentralised swap site. SummitSwap will be clearer, more concise, safer (with SummitCheck) and easier to understand in order to encourage mass adoption. Cryptocurrency today is considered complicated by many, and platforms are difficult to use. KODA Cryptocurrency aims to change this.

Koda-Apex: the brand-new utility token

SummitBC’s secondary token, KODA-APEX (KAPEX), has also just landed- and is now available via the ITO (Initial Token Offering) on the KODA website. KAPEX and KODA are intertwined and add value to each other. KAPEX will be a reward token when carrying out various activities such as staking, with KODA. KAPEX is an inflationary token, KODA is a deflationary token.

KAPEX is the first token of its type. The code behind it has never been seen before. They expect it, and the relationship it has with KODA, to be revolutionary. KAPEX is designed as a utility token, to reward the KODA stakers (staking a form of wealth generation, will provide a passive income to those who hold and then stake Koda), and to be used as a payment method for products and services. The fees for transacting with KAPEX are designed to be far less than KODA. Each KODA transaction provides liquidity to KAPEX, this is an innovative development which hasn’t been seen before. KODA holders who stake are directly rewarded from each transaction made with KAPEX.

2022 Marketing plans

SummitBC’s 2022 Marketing plans are sure to whet the appetite of potential investors. CEO James Gale recently announced to the KODA community there is a huge $300k marketing budget allocated for the KODA project which includes widespread advertising on the London Underground network, 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualification matches in football stadiums across South America and over 100 vans wrapped with KODA branding driving around the UK.

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