SINGAPORE, Jan. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — U:NIUM (UNIUM), an influencer NFT creation project, is becoming one of the top NFT provider in its market through creating unique influencer NFTs

The NFT marketplace is perhaps the most rising trend in the cryptocurrency market. NFTs are the biggest craze to hit the digital world and people are always looking for new NFTs.

NFT is no longer a new concept and more people learn about NFTs every day.

UNIUM is a blockchain technology-based NFT platform that gives digital assets a unique recognition value and uses NFT tokens to create and trade various content for influencers and artists. The project aims to create an ecosystem where influencers and fans can closely communicate through their products.

UNIUM provides opportunities for users and sellers. users can search for NFTs that they like and buy it. Meanwhile, sellers can turn their digital assets into an NFT and sell them on the marketplace. UNIUM, as a seller, connects with buyers and sells them without relying on third-party involvement.

What differentiates UNIUM from other NFT Marketplace is that they provide influencer collaborated NFT with benefits and also offer an environment where both users and influencers can maximize profits through cryptocurrency wallets and Metamasks, where payments can be made with Ethereum or ERC-20 based cryptocurrencies, and low platform fees.

From Elon Musk to Linsey Lohan, many of the influencers and celebrities are starting to get interested in the business and since NFTs have a lot of mainstream appeal, the hype won’t die down any time soon.

UNIUM believes that the best way to promote NFTs is through influencers. Their fans overlap with its target market, and choosing the right influencer for NFT can boost its credibility a lot. Because YouTubers are the ones who can increase engagement the most and are crypto-friendly, UNIUM compiled a list of the best influencers in the NFT space.

UNIUM is on the right track with this rising NFT trend by providing an influencer-friendly environment and content rating system in its ecosystem.

Starting with influencer content, UNIUM will gradually expand its business to entertainment agencies, MCNs, various live streaming platforms, and hip-hop labels, and will go beyond Korea to Asia and global celebrities or sports players in 2022.

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