What is BetFury?

BetFury is a young yet ambitious project that has made a substantial breakthrough in the last two years in the i-Gaming space and has gained a tremendous reputation as one of the leading crypto casinos. It welcomes all crypto passionate players and enthusiasts from around the globe. The number of BetFury users has been growing exponentially and have reached a total of 1 million. All gambling enthusiasts looking for an ideal place for profitable and amusing entertainment, join the BetFury platform and call themselves Betfurians with pride. 

BFG token is BetFury’s unique utility token, which got listed on a popular trading platform Coinsbit on 10th February 2022. This will offer USDT/BFG currency pair to the traders on the Coinsbit trading platform. BetFury offers great features along with its native utility token, BFG, for players to dive into the crypto world of exciting sports betting and gambling options. The platform has emerged as an ecosystem rather than an i-Gaming Platform.

What is BFG Token?

BFG is the BetFury platform’s unique utility token launched on BSC or Binance Smart Chain. It offers a unique mining solution to place bets and staking opportunities that have become a trademark of BetFury. All BFG token holders receive a portion of BetFury’s profit from the staking pool. 

BFG is a CertiK-certified token with huge trust from users. It is a popular liquid asset listed on the top CEX and DEX exchanges such as ApeSwap, Biswap, Arken Finance, CoinTiger, Matcha, Hotbit, Mate, and Coin98. The BFG token offers various usage opportunities and empowers trading and investment capabilities. Token holders can buy, sell or exchange BFG in any of the exchanges mentioned with utmost security and reliability. Soon, the token will be listed on Coinsbit, and the USDT/BFG currency pair will be available on the Coinsbit platform starting from 10th February 2022. 

Find out about BFG here.

Usage Opportunities of BFG

  • BFG Mining – Users can obtain BFG through mining by placing bets using any currency available on the BetFury platform. Playing slots and other in-house games allow players to raise BFG tokens. Hence, the more bets a user places, the bigger BFG token quantity they mine. The minimum bet for BFG is 0.00000001 or equivalent in any available cryptocurrency on the platform. The mining price for each currency is based on the Bitcoin exchange rate and rises for every 50,000,000 BFG mined. 
  • BFG Staking – Staking is a process where multicurrency daily drops for BFG token holders. The staking pool delivers 3 percent of its total profit every 24 hours. The profit amount is then distributed to all users who hold BFG coins. The more tokens one holds, the greater will be the staking income. Hence, BFG tokens have become a tradable asset, and users can buy and sell the tokens anytime. The players staking in BFG get rewarded in 5 cryptocurrencies daily, BNB, BTC, TRX, ETH, and USDT.
  • BFG Farming – Farming is a process of attaining extra BFG tokens. The moment the users stake BFG on BetFury’s farming pool, the users get profits from BFG farming instantly. A portion of BFG from farming is automatically distributed among the participants, and they can compound or withdraw their farming yields anytime. So, farm BFG and enjoy some of the most important passive incomes in the cryptocurrency world. 
  • BFG iGaming – BFG token holders can also use the BFG tokens to play games and get bigger BFG tokens. Use the tokens available for betting and gaming by placing a minimum bet of 0.00000001.
  • BFG Sports Betting – Token holders can also use BFG coins to get entertained with some of the breathtaking activities with the sports betting options at BetFury. There are more than 50,000 live betting events launched every month and over 80 sports that are accessible to all BFG players for winning exciting bets. Enjoy the best sports with exclusive promotions, highest odds, staking rewards, and referral bonuses at the betting section. Note that the bets can be placed in BFG token or any other crypto available at the BetFury platform. 

What is Coinsbit?

Coinsbit, established in 2018, is an Estonia-registered crypto exchange platform. The exchange was established in the crypto market, and currently, it thrives in more than 73 active cryptocurrency markets with thousands of active Coinsbit users. The platform listed BetFury’s BFG tokens on the 10th of February, 2022, offering USD/BFG tokens to all traders and gamblers at the Coinsbit platform.