Butler among several NBA players who are exploring new opportunities

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler is ready to begin learning about cryptocurrency and shares that he is not alone. 

He said more and more NBA players are expressing their interests in the new-age way of investing and want to educate themselves.

“As much as crypto is becoming a big thing, I think that the conversations about and around crypto is so everybody can learn what everybody else knows around the league,” Butler said in a recent interview with Financial World. “I think that’s what the majority of conversations are—just getting intel about whatever is going on, because there’s always somebody that’s really locked in on something that can teach anybody anything”

Butler believes that having these conversations with teammates and other players around the league will help him become more versed in the space.

“Whatever the topic is, there’s always somebody that knows more than everybody else,” said Butler, who will play in this weekend’s NBA All-Star game in Cleveland. “So everybody’s just bouncing thoughts and ideas off of each other.”

Locker room conversations are evolving and athletes are eager to learn of better ways to invest their money. Butler offered some advice in a video he posted on Twitter this past weekend, urging others to “TRUST YOURSELF AND DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH” when navigating the Crypto world. 

Corey Holmes is a contributor to Inside The Heat. He is a film and television graduate from Notre Dame and has a master’s degree in journalism from Morgan State. He can reached at coreyrholmes4@gmail.com or on Twitter @coreyholmes4