If you’re a big sports fan, you will almost certainly have heard about Fan Tokens which is an innovation that’s bringing fans closer than ever to their favourite teams.

In football, several of the world’s biggest clubs including Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Inter, Arsenal, AS Roma, Galatasaray, Flamengo and Corinthians have launched Fan Tokens through Socios.com. Sevilla and River Plate are among the other clubs who will join the 60 other teams by using Fan Tokens.

What are Fan Tokens?

A Fan Token is a digital asset created on a blockchain that grants its owner access to a service that sports organisations provide to their fans through the app Socios.com. You only pay for Fan Tokens once, so there is no need for a subscription.

Fans have the opportunity to engage with their favourite teams through polls on the Socios.com app.

What is Socios.com?

Socios.com is all you need to enjoy this modern, unique opportunity to interact with your favourite team.

It’s a mobile app, which is available on iOS and Android, where you can buy your Fan Tokens, vote in the polls and participate in endless games, contests and features to win exclusive prizes.

What decisions can I vote on?

In 2021, Socios.com’s partner clubs launched more than 300 surveys through the app, giving their fans the option to vote to decide on names of new facilities, kit design, shirt numbers of new signings, celebration songs and more.

What prizes and experiences is a fan token owner eligible for?

Socios.com’s partner clubs rewarded more than 5,000 fans with gifts such as official signed products, free tickets and VIP experiences in 2021.

Prizes included acting as a stadium announcer, playing a match in your favourite team’s stadium and winning personalised football memorabilia.

How many Fan Tokens are needed?

A single Fan Token is enough to enjoy this new service. Fan Tokens don’t expire, although the more you have, the bigger the value your votes will have and you will have a better chance to win prizes.

How can you Buy Fan Tokens?

Fan Tokens are purchased directly through the Socios.com app with $CHZ, the application’s native cryptocurrency, which you can easily buy with your credit or debit card.

Buy only the amount of $CHZ necessary to acquire the Fan Tokens you want.

Fan Tokens are launched through Fan Token Offering (FTO), where a limited number of units are put up for sale for two euros.

When they are gone, the price of the Token becomes marked by supply and demand. The next FTOs will be launched by Inter Porto Alegre, Palmeiras, Atlas FC, Santos Laguna and Spartak Moscow.

What steps must be followed to acquire Fan Tokens in Socios.com:

  1. Download the app
  2. Authenticate your user
  3. Click on “Wallet”
  4. Buy the necessary amount of $CHZ
  5. Go to “Market”
  6. Find the Fan Token you want and click on “Buy”

*Fan Tokens are utility tokens whose function is to give access to a digital service offered by sports clubs through the Socios.com app. There is a secondary market where it’s possible to buy and sell Fan Tokens, but Fan Tokens are not and should not be used for investment. If you do invest, you run the risk of losing money.