XR Casino is a Metaverse-ready technology startup that has designed a solution to help casinos and sports betting companies compete in the prospering online gambling sector.

The Company

XR Casino is one of the first technology startups to specialize in cross-technology Extended Reality (XR) gaming, gambling solutions, and XR game development for the iGaming and sports betting industries. To create incomparable gaming experiences and value-added services, the company uses AI, blockchain, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality technology.

XR Casino allows traditional brick-and-mortar gaming companies, online casinos and sports betting organizations to reach new customers and expand their operations to extended reality platforms through its SaaS solutions.

Users of any XR technology or equipment will be able to play with each other on the startup’s unique cross-technology platform, independent of the equipment they are using. Players can choose from single and multiplayer games, private game rooms and public game rooms where they can gamble on their favorite games like blackjack, roulette, slot machines and even sports betting for a personalized experience.

The company also intends to use blockchain and AI extensively to address issues plaguing the iGaming and sports betting businesses, such as cybersecurity concerns, lack of transparency and player attrition.

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Investment Highlights

XR Casino is raising up to $1.07 million through its offering on StartEngine, allowing retail investors to get a piece of equity in this early-stage company.

The global market for online gambling is expected to grow by almost 80% over the next three years to over $150 billion. This means any company in the casino and sports betting industry will likely need to adopt technologies like XR Casino’s platform if they want to stay relevant.

The company plans to license its technology to existing casinos and sports betting companies as well as generate other revenue streams through its B2C segment as a free-to-play social casino. This segment of the business will generate revenue through the sale of NFTs, in-game casino chips, ads and subscription fees.

XR Casino is developing its own native coin to allow cryptocurrency staking to reward player loyalty and community building through proof-of-stake mining and augmented reality coin drops in real-world locations — similar to how Pokemon Go works.

The startup can also enter the metaverse thanks to the blockchain technology it uses. In the near future, XR Casino plans to sell one-of-a-kind NFTs as skin designs for blackjack tables, roulette tables, slot machines, decks of cards, casino chips, in-game avatar apparel and wearables, and other holographic and virtual assets.

XR Casino recently announced that BOTS, Inc. (OTC:BTZI) became the company’s first strategic corporate investor. BOTS is launching a Las Vegas-themed Metaverse, Vegas.mv that will feature XR Casino games and services.

While XR Casino has already raised over $100,000 on StartEngine, investors can still buy equity in the form of common shares with a minimum investment of $149.80.

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Photo: Courtesy of XR Casino