METAVERSE is an increasingly common term for all things related to cryptocurrency and beyond.

You’ve likely heard of cryptocurrency or seen ape NFTs appearing on your favourite celebrity’s Twitter profiles but what can you actually do in the metaverse?

Art and Non-fungible tokens are a core idea in the Metaverse


Art and Non-fungible tokens are a core idea in the MetaverseCredit: Reuters

If you’re not engaging in the metaverse you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about.

You might see your favourite celebrity post their new non-fungible token (NFT) online but not understand the drive behind it.

There’s a lot going on in the metaverse so here is everything you can do in the metaverse in 2022.

Meet people for work and entertainment

The idea of the metaverse is a big open world space that you can interact with people in.

Places like The Sandbox or Decentraland mean you can meet up with your friends.

Decentraland hosted an entire music festival in 2021 for people to attend and enjoy.

Other companies like MetaHub are creating virtual hangout spaces tailored towards businesses – providing room for meetings, conferences and other events to take place.

The benefit of this is that you could meet anyone from anywhere, not limited by distance.

Unlike Zoom or other video calls you would be immersed in a virtual reality space and conduct 3D interactions.

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Build and explore virtual worlds

Much like in the real world, you can build and explore in the metaverse.

This idea is not totally new as games like Second Life sprang onto the internet in 2003, and Minecraft or Roblox followed shortly after.

In the metaverse you can import your NFTs into the games and decorate your avatar.

The Sandbox lets you explore worlds, hang out with celebrities and speak to people you encounter.

There are opportunities to alter the virtual world you are in by using fungible governance tokens or investing in virtual land.

Invest in virtual land, NFTS and cryptocurrency

Buying NFTs is the most common way to show that you are investing in the metaverse.

Many celebrities have done this by purchasing Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs.

Cryptocurrency is the backbone of the metaverse so you can always invest in crypto for the games you play as in-game currency.

If you purchase anything you can always sell it on to make some more cryptocash.

If you want to create your own space within the metaverse you can buy land, just like in the real world, and make the space whatever you choose.

If that’s still not enough you can invest in the companies themselves, Meta (formerly Facebook) is betting on this taking off so much they rebranded to align with the metaverse.

Create a 3D avatar

To exist in any world, virtual or not, you need an identity – this is where your avatar comes in.

3D avatars can be purchased from apps such as Ready Player Me that can be used across different apps and games.

This can be created from a selfie to truly capture your identity and is usable on other platforms.

Other companies allow you to buy and create your own avatar to use on other platforms such as Twitter and Discord.