The world is growing very rapidly and with the power of the internet, the globe has been turned into a very small place. It has come at our fingertips.

Today within fractions of seconds, we are able to communicate with one another even if we are sitting in opposite corners of the world. Our technology has enabled us to rise our voices, get updated with real news in real time, and made our lives all the more comforting and easy.

With using our brains we have come a long way forward as species and are so completely different than any other living organism currently present on the planet!

And with that, the crypto and blockchain technology which is probably the biggest invention of the 21st century has opened doors to so much potential and work!

An application of such technology has led to the creation of a platform called Paysenger!

Paysenger is a unique platform where one can interact with celebrities, influencers and anyone who has a mass following at an affordable price.

It will open doors to so much possibilities, be it in terms of just fan engagements or being able to talk to and take advice of a very well known health professional for your health, or to interact with just anyone you are in love and obsessed with!

It can be an alternative to emails or texts, it can give a very good competition to YouTube live chat where YouTube surely deducts a good chunk of amount made by an influencer from its fan base. It is transparent, apt and more portable. Can also be used to directly pay for charity right from the platform!

It doesn’t end here. For influencers, there are added perks. For every communication or interaction, an NFT can be created which can be sold in Paysenger which indirectly relates to offline-autographs of big stars which can be obtained on Paysenger. A piece of a message or a health advice or just the wishing of New Year from an influencer, you can all get it on Paysenger. It implies that a one-time effort can provide a mass-influencer monetary benefits without any limits!

The Paysenger platform will use a unique crypto token for the financial transaction which is termed as Ego coin.

Ego coin/token will be the primary currency that users can spend and influencers can earn on their participation on the Paysenger platform.

The application of Paysenger is very unique and is probably first of a kind, users can now pay directly to get endorsed or have a voice for them by any popular person they like when those popular figures use Paysenger to interact and earn, and it will only grow since Paysenger really will develop into a big earning method for these celebrities and others and who doesn’t love to earn some crypto seeing the trends of it becoming oh so loveable and those huge returns! 😉

Hence, from an investor’s point of view as well, investing and buying Ego token looks like a very promising investment!

If you would love to get some Ego tokens, be sure to participate in the sales on their website, ; you can also contact them on their telegram channel, at ! So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and participate!

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