• Avatars may play a crucial role in bringing about a semblance of sanity and help in nation’s besieged by anarchy. Apathy and bloodbath might mean sorrowful effects.
  • Top visual and video game artists, social media influencers and celebrities are now joining forces via crypto and NFT projects to assist Ukraine.
  • It is not only a trend but a movement promoting healing in the nation invaded by its strongest neighbor.

Avatars For Ukraine NFT Collection

Avatars in Ukraine is the latest NFT collection made in honor of the charity. Genuine meaning of the term “Avatar,” translated from Sanskrit as “incarnation,” is mentioned in the title.

These mesmerizing artworks act as memorabilia of the dark clouds hovering over Ukraine during the times of war. It not only captures the vivid pictures or memories as it occurs but also a tsunami of emotions — fear, anger and pain — which depicts the story of anarchy and madness created by Russia. As Heath Ledger’s “Joker” once said, “madness is like gravity, all it needs is a little push,” which Russia is doing very well in causing trouble to Ukraine.

Celebrity video game artists from S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Asphalt, Rainbow Six, and Warframe joined forces with virtual artists based in Ukraine in making a charity NFT collection for the nation.

The collection will be released on May 19, 2022 on MetaHistory, an NFT platform based in Ukraine. The project is entirely backed by Digital Transformation Ministry of Ukraine which is a government office which has successfully piled up more than 60 million cryptocurrency donations for nation.

Avatars For Tranquility

Avatars For Ukraine is a charity NFT channel meaning the incarnation of wisdom, soul, love and spirit of Ukrainian citizens in the middle of this anarchist war. The artworks is an partnership of top 50 virtual artists from Ukraine coming from movie or gaming world.

AS a matter of fact, folks will get to see exclusive art from Volodymyr Bondar, an European science fiction artist who also won a EuroCon award. Lead artist of Asphalt and director Kateyna also gave hands to the collection.

NFTs To The Rescue

Majority of NFT collections are created primarily for profit. However, this NFT channel, the motive is directed towards assisting Ukrainian folks. In Fact, ex-oficio says that similar effort and time invested in making gaming realms was given in this Avatar collection.

They have best and state of the art tech for production and also top talents to develop a masterpiece. Coming from a place of assistance, they wanted to offer it all. No holding back.

For one, Epic Games who was accountable for developing the so called real metaverse was able to pool $150M to offer perks to a once peaceful nation.The avatars collection is historic for all to take that chunk of humanity with them forever. The arts are authentic and mind blowing; where all sales go for war torn country.

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