Nascar driver Brandon Brown, the racer at the center of the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant that made him indirectly famous, may miss races due to lack of sponsorships for his car, according to a report from Frontstretch.

Brown, who has chosen to be largely apolitical despite the derogatory chant directed towards President Joe Biden that made Brown indirectly famous, is searching for answers as he struggles to land sponsorships for his car.

Brown will not race his No. 68 car in Saturday’s race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway after Brown’s team made a decision to field drivers who have sponsorship money. Brown had a deal fall through with a now-defunct cryptocurrency company that left him with a lack of adequate sponsorship support for his car. While Brown has not discussed his personal political beliefs, he has tried to use the chant to market himself as a driver. The cryptocurrency deal was “Let’s Go Brandon” themed.

“I’m still viewed as a political figure,” Brown told Frontstretch. 

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“I can be viewed as divisive because of the chant. It’s really hard to convince companies that, Hey that’s not me. That’s just what the crowd was chanting. It does make it hard.”

Brown committed to racing in Daytona and Talladega, but outside of those two events, he would not commit to further races.

“I’ll be back in the No. 68 for a handful of races. Definitely Daytona. I’ll be in the No. 68 in the postseason at Talladega. Other than that? Nah, not really. The team is working on trying to sell some rides to other drivers to keep the funding, which, as heartbreaking as it is for me, I do understand what they have to do to keep BMS in operation. … What it’s going to take to grow the No. 68 is having other drivers coming and finding success it in too,” Brown said.

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