Popular cryptocurrency site Crypto.com unexpectedly sends a customer 7.2 million dollars because of an unfortunate typo.

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Crypto is growing in popularity as services like Bitcoin and influencers like Logan Paul continue to utilize cryptocurrency for various purchases and transactions. More and more people are beginning to trust cryptocurrency services and are choosing to invest their money in the revolutionary medium. Not everything with crypto is running smoothly, however, as has been made evident by a mistaken transaction from Crypto.com that left a customer more than seven million dollars that she wasn’t supposed to have.

There have been numerous oddities in the world of cryptocurrency in recent years. Companies and celebrities have been creating strange NFTs with obscure value and dozens of new crypto businesses have emerged. GameStop supports crypto wallets for customers, and many gamers suspect future titles will begin to feature cryptocurrency more heavily. It isn’t every day, however, that a crypto exchange goes wrong because of a simple typing error.

Indeed, Crypto.com lost millions of dollars because of a typo, and didn’t even notice for seven months. Apparently, the accident occurred when an employee inputted an account number where the amount of the transaction should have been written. The recipient, a woman from Australia named Thevamanogari Manivel, didn’t alert the company that she had been given $7.2 million more than she was supposed to have received.

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Currently, Crypto.com is attempting to reclaim the money that it sent to Manivel. Her account has been frozen, and she’s been forced to sell a million-dollar home she bought for her sister. The pending lawsuit seems to be a relatively unprecedented event among cryptocurrency companies. Though more traditional organizations like Mojang have spoken on NFTs, crypto companies would undoubtedly like to avoid the practice of suing their customers. Of course, not every emerging digital currency can operate smoothly, but unintended transactions are likely to be addressed in the future.

The accident with Crypto.com does not impact the industry at large. It is merely a reminder that the cryptocurrency space is still relatively new and unorganized compared to other markets. As NFTs appear in games and as other platforms begin to grow and prove themselves to users, people can hope that investing in crypto will become easier and safer than it already is. And that crypto services won’t make mistakes when it comes to currency.

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Source: The Verge