The year 2022 was difficult for the cryptocurrency market. Two crashes have occurred in the community: one in May and one more recently with the demise of the crypto juggernaut FTX. However, the coins that are now in their presale have far exceeded expectations as we have entered 2023. The explanation is straightforward: there is no chance of losing money when buying cryptocurrency during a presale.

Meme currencies in particular have demonstrated enormous potential in the cryptocurrency industry. Meme tokens’ feasibility, general marketing, and utility are some of the factors that investors wager on when buying them. Some meme coins have each of the aforementioned qualities.

After raising an incredible $14M thus far in its presale, Big Eyes Coin (BIG), a brand-new meme token in the block, has demonstrated its success. The good news is that it is still just in stage 8.

However, should the Dogecoin (DOGE) community be concerned about the rise of Big Eyes Coin? Let’s see in this article!


Dogecoin: How will the pioneer flair in 2023?

Everyone in the cryptocurrency community is aware that Dogecoin was created to parody Bitcoin. But Dogecoin gained prominence in 2021. Its market valuation of $84B made it a favourite among celebrities.

The “Chief Twit,” Elon Musk, has praised this meme coin and said it was “better than Bitcoin.” Rightfully so. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that serves as a long-term investment and a store of wealth. It does not succeed in becoming a digital money for everyday transactions, nevertheless.

Dogecoin hasn’t previously demonstrated enough promise either. DOGE, who was once a celebrity mascot, is now a victim of its own success. The neighbourhood has ceased to innovate. This meme coin with a dog motif has had trouble recovering after the first crypto meltdown of the year.

Its mascot may be another justification. Dogs are beloved by people, but the meme coin industry uses too many canines as mascots. Consider Dogelon Mars or the Shiba Inu (SHIB) (DOGE). Investors are constantly searching for something new, and Dogecoin is obviously not sticking out in this market.

Big Eyes Coin: 2023 will be the year of the cute cat

Big Eyes Coin recently entered the cryptocurrency market with a strong white paper and useful features. The meme currency with a cat motif has generated a lot of talk in a short period of time.

In addition to establishing an NFT club, Big Eyes Coin plans to invest a sizable amount of money in the DeFi (Decentralised Finance) ecosystem. The power of this meme coin to restart the independent operation of the cryptocurrency market makes it more than just a meme. The presale’s $14 million is not a joke. Investors have undoubtedly discovered gold in the white paper for Big Eyes Coin.

NFTs are absolutely not by chance for Big Eyes Coin. In actuality, NFTs form a vital component of the BIG ecosystem. The cat community plans to open a fully integrated NFT club where members may trade virtual money and participate in contests to win prizes. Holders of BIG tokens will also be able to participate in the thrilling NFT events.

Dogecoin is criticised for being unconcerned with the environment. That’s not the case with Big Eyes Coin, though. To help safeguard the ocean, the token has promised to contribute 5% of wallet earnings. Given the state of the climate, it is appropriate. For global warming to significantly lessen, the oceans must be cleaned up, and Big Eyes Coin is doing its part to help.

To Summarise

Dogecoin may soon lose market share to Big Eyes Coin. The dog mascot should be concerned given the advantages the cat currency offers.

Invest in Big Eyes Coin because, despite the numerous market crashes, BIG token prices will always rise.

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