Google Trends Data Reveals UK’s Crypto Search Calendar
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  • Searches for Crypto Terms peaked the highest in May, with Luna Crypto at 1731%
  • February is UK’s second high-alert month, with the term” is Crypto safe” search up by 189%
  • These are the times Crypto searches spiked in the UK.

A new study by crypto trading guide, reveals May as the month when crypto-related searches were most likely to peak in the UK.

UK’s Crypto Search Calendar

The analysis looked at search levels for 22 crypto search terms that related to crypto trading, security, and news during every month of 2022 to reveal at the UK’s High-Alert Crypto Month.

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May emerged as the UK’s Crypto High-Alert month, with seven of 22 keyword searches spiking to their highest search level of 2022 during the month. The month saw the keywords: “Crypto”, “Crypto Prices”, “Crypto Crash”, “Coin Market Cap”, “Luna Crypto”, “Coin Base”, and “Binance” hitting their highest points. Searches for “Luna Crypto” exploded by 1,731% this month.

The UK’s next Crypto High-Alert month, February, had three search terms reaching their highest on Google. These include: “Bitcoin scam”, which rose by 106% above its average search levels, “Is Crypto safe” which increased by 189% and “Blockchain”, which jumped by 50%. The terms indicated growing scepticism among Brits around the security of cryptocurrencies.

November follows with the highest spike for two crypto keywords. FTX erupted by 936% on Google following the bankruptcy saga with its CEO Sam Bankman-Fried. The term “Crypto Wallet” also peaked in November by 190%, signifying interest in coin purchases.

January saw explosive searches for two Crypto keywords by UK users. NFT searches went up by 241% following its adoption by celebrities and brands, and the month also saw searches for “best cryptocurrency” jump by 133% more than its average search throughout 2022.

Coming fifth is June, with peaks for two key crypto search terms – “Bitcoin” exploded by 168%, almost twice its average search and “Ethereum” searches increased by 102%.

The study was conducted by, a guide to crypto trading and investing which offers expertise in trading tips and platform reviews.

The UK’s Crypto Search Calendar 2022

Month Search Spikes Search Term With Highest Spike (compared to yearly average) Search % Increase
May 7 Luna Crypto 1731%
February 3 is crypto safe 189%
November 2 FTX 936%
January 2 NFT 241%
June 2 bitcoin 168%
July 1 Crypto coin 442%
October 1 Dogecoin 393%
March 1 Buy Ripple 167%
April 1 crypto scam 118%
September 1 Shilling 44%
December 0 0 0
August 0 0 0