Cryptocurrency dominated Reddit in 2021, becoming the most-popular topic in its discussion forums in a year when its users helped drive shares in GameStop and other meme stocks to new heights. 

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Key Facts

According to Reddit’s 2021 Recap, users made 366 million posts on the platform, a 19% increase compared to last year. 

Cryptocurrency was the most-popular topic, beating out gaming, sports and weddings: So far this year, there have been 6.6 million mentions of “crypto.” 

The most popular crypto communities: r/dogecoin, r/superstonk, r/cryptocurrency, r/amcstock and r/bitcoin. 

The three most popular posts on the platform were in r/wallstreetbets, the community that was largely responsible for driving GameStop stock to new heights: The number one post showed a billboard in Times Square that had been purchased by a community member and received 431,000 upvotes. 


An April survey from Pew Research Center found that 23% of U.S. adult males use Reddit, compared to 12% of adult women. Meanwhile, 37% of respondents between the ages of 18 to 29 said they visited the site. Those numbers line up with another Pew survey released in November that reported 43% of men ages 18 to 29 have used some form of cryptocurrency, compared to just 16% of the general American public. 

Key Background

In January, users on r/wallstreetbets plotted to boost GameStop’s stock price, hurting short-sellers who were targeting the struggling retailer. The campaign, which became known as Gamestonk, was a meme with real-world effects: The stock was priced at $16.94 one year ago; as of noon Wednesday it was trading for $177.63. Cryptocurrency also skyrocketed in 2021, particularly the currencies with strong Reddit communities devoted to them. In November, Bitcoin hit a record of over $69,000, though it has since fallen nearly 27% to $50,464.90. 

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