• Qantas, an Australian airlines service provider, recently made an announcement that they are strategizing regarding an NFT drop to their regular passengers.
  • Emirates Airlines was initial airline which initially trifled with Non Fungible tokens. But their project remained unreleased to this date.
  • Another airlines, AirBaltic, launched its NFT collection back in February 2021, and became initial airline organization to release Non-Fungible Tokens.

Australian airline service provider Qantas recently made an announcement that they were making plans regarding dropping NFTs to their persistent flyers. This is unsurprising, as NFTs have dispersed to fields other than art like music or even Instagram.


AirBaltic, a Latvian airline, launched its NFT channel back in February 2021 and became the initial airline organization to do so.

Their NFT channel is motivated by their domestic targets and sights to serve as a tourism campaign. For honoring Latvia’s cemetery back in 2018, AirBaltic held polls on admired cities and towns in Latvia. The outcome came out as Kuldiga, which is titled the organization’s Airbus A220-300 fleet.

Poll motivated airBaltic’s NFT release as well. Initiating with Kuldiga, all towns added to this survey were exhibited as NFTs. All AirBaltic NFTs look the same except for series numbers allocated distinctly for every city.

Qantas Airlines

Following AirBaltic, Qantas Airlines recently made an announcement regarding launching their NFT channel. As per this declaration, the release will take place during mid-2022.

Additionally, to escalate fame, Qantas non-fungible tokens will grant Qantas Points to their commencing acquirers, which folks can spend on their acquisition of flight tickets. While not offering many details, the announcement also says that more exhilarating future perks for Qantas NFT possessors are underway.

Moreover, the organization also acknowledged intense environmental effects on minting NFTs and says that Qantas NFTs will be launched with 0% emissions, utilizing reduced carbon platforms as well as carbon offsetting.

Emirates Airlines

In truth, UAE-based Emirates airlines were the initial ones to trifle with blockchain. However, their project was not based on non-fungible tokens and was never released.

Emirates Airlines’ major focus was no publicity; it was a utility. After Covid-19 brought in term “health passport” into folks’ lives. The organization made an announcement that they are putting a virtual health passport based on blockchain on trial.

Operating on the blockchain, a virtual health passport was customized to gain vaccine information as well as examine outcomes to assist in tranvelm preparations for passengers.

Every nation had its distinct restriction against global traveling, Emirates Airlines reasoned that such a measure was a must.

As per Adel Al Redha, COO of Emirates Airlines, requirements of travel at present are flexible, and even more than ever, the objective of the organization is to offer clients confidence as well as allow them to travel safely.

However, even application was released back in June 2020, it did not hold until today.

Non Fungible Tokens are taking digital space by storm, and have grown at an exponential pace. Apart from big organizations, many prominent celebrities also admire Non Fungible tokens, such as Eminem, Paris Hilton, Jimmy Fallon, Matt Shadows, to name a few.

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